Why the Best Bench Vise is a Good Friend in any Workshop

best bench viseThe greatest advantage you get from a bench vise is the convenience of holding any project objects more firmly and steadier than any two human hands.

For this reason alone it’s one of the most vital and versatile tools you can add as a partner to any workshop.

Unlike clamps, bench vises offer more strength through adjustable holding arms and more surface area for contact points on your holding materials.

They’re proven companions for a wide variety of uses like holding wood for woodworking and crafts or gripping metal for metalworking projects.

They’re practical for anything from gun cleaning and maintenance to adding links or clasps to jewelry or making watch repairs.

Because quality vises are dependable and predictably steady, as well as being vibration dampening, they’re well suited to heavy-duty work such as drilling objects or cutting pipe.

Whether they are used for steadily affixing an object to a workbench so that work may be performed on it, or for holding two objects together so they may be attached to one another, bench vises provide unparalleled strength and precision. The best part is there’s a vise type to suit any project you can create.

See various Bench Vise Types and Uses Below

gunsmith viseGUNSMITHCleaning, maintenance and upgrading of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, etc.
HYDRAULIC VISEHYDRAULICHeavy-duty vise suitable for milling, grinding, drilling, tool room and heavy production work
jeweler viseJEWELERSSignificantly smaller and lighter than most vises and used for setting gems, repairing jewelry
Multi-purpose viseMULTI-PURPOSEMulti-purpose vises have two sets of jaws to clamp fast on round pipes or square stock. The jaw head swivels 360º for precise positioning usually on a rotating base.
pipe bench visePIPINGUsed by plumbers and metal workers to cut and thread piping
portable bench visePORTABLELight-duty vise that can be used anywhere and be removed to save shop space or for travel use
rotating viseROTATING BASEA rotating base vise eliminates clamping and unclamping the vise to produce angles
self-centering viseSELF-CENTERINGSelf-centering vises are designed especially for multi-face machining with a single clamping operation -- where high precision centering is repeatable and accurate
vacuum base viseVACUUM-BASEUsed by hobbyists to perform detailing work on metal and wood or soldering electronics that require light-duty 360° horizontal rotation
woodworking viseWOODWORKINGHold large sections of wood tightly together for sawing, sanding, gluing and other woodworking activities